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Buddhism in a Nutshell

Buddhism is a means to help self-development, preserve a happy living, and ease suffering, in response to teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, known as Gautama Buddha.

The Eightfold Path: The Gentle Middle Way

Buddha's teachings are at bottom for self-help in advancing. I have tried to lay bare a good selection of the salient points above, along with a tip or two or three as well.

Life of Buddha

Anyone who does not see the positive aspect of Buddhism, will be unable to understand how it could exercise such a powerful influence on millions and millions of people.

Jataka Tales, Old Indian Fables

The immensely popular Jataka Tales, or "Birth-stories", are an important part of Buddhist literature. The Jataka stories have contributed to many civilizations, moral conduct and good behaviour, a rich and varied literature, and inspired painting, sculpture and architecture of great value.

Buddha Speaks Infinite Life Sutra

Preface Thus have I heard. At one time the Buddha was staying on the Vulture Peak in Rajagriha with a large company of twelve...

The Sutra On Contemplation Of Amitayus

CONTEMPLATION SUTRA  THE SUTRA ON CONTEMPLATION OF AMITAYUS 观无量寿经 delivered by Shakyamuni Buddha Translated into Chinese during the Liu-Sung dynasty 刘宋西域三藏法师畺良耶舍 译 by the Tripitaka Master Kalayashas from Central Asia translated from...

Hundred Parables Sutra 51-60

51 A Maid Servant and Five Masters Once there were five men who together bought one maid. One of them said to her, “Wash my...

Hundred Parables Sutra 41-50

41 Pishacha Ghosts Once there were two pishacha ghosts who jointly owned a suitcase, a cane, and a pair of wooden shoes. The two ghosts...

Hundred Parables Sutra 31-40

31-36 is not available  37 Killing a Herd of Cattle Once there was a man who owned two hundred and fifty head of cattle. He often...

Hundred Parables Sutra 21-30

21 The Woman Who Wished For A Second Child In the past, there was a woman who had a son. She wanted another child, and...

Hundred Parables Sutra 11-20

11 The Brahman Kills His Own Son Once there was a Brahman who thought himself very knowledgeable, understanding all the skills. Presumptuous and wishing to...

Hundred Parables Sutra 1-10

1 The Stupid Man and The Salt  Once there was a stupid man who paid a visit to a friend. When the host gave him...